Motorsports (Gymkhana, Show n Shine, Dyno Challenges, Drifting, Sound Off, Track Days)

Loxion Motorshow with its strategic partners specialize in Show n Shines, Dyno Challenges, Drag racing, Drifting, Gymkhana, Track Days and Motor festivals. . In fact motoring should be competing with soccer for the same number of audience but due to governing body’s tight constraints and lack of exposure, motoring is an misunderstood sport.

Loxion Motorshow aims to break such barriers and create a platform for the masses to show case and improve on their talent. We believe that South Africa has enough enthusiasts to create its own world known motoring events. There needs to be equal opportunities for South Africans to improve themselves and compete internationally. With initiatives such as Loxion Motorshow, there’ll be order, dignity and respect among motoring participants. Motorsports events aims to educate the public on various motor related issues, on a social level. This promotes moral regeneration, family unity, social cohesion and gives both government and private sectors an opportunity to invest in a countrywide loved sport. The return of investment via PR and marketing is enormous at such events.

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